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The first modification is a good F/C trainer. This variation maintains a circular

orbit, curving inward and slowing down at the end of the flight while retaining a

high rate of spin with a low altitude hover. No airfoil modifications are required.

#2 The second planform shown is called the Enduro.

This boomerang is very stable with a very predictable flight path and a constant

deceleration. This is obviously Eric's choice for Endurance.

#3 The fastest model is depicted as planform #3. This design is less forgiving

and should be used for your second round of F/C for a shot at first place.

This is a great boomerang for setting a personal best round.

#4 is Eric's best design for the Accuracy event. This one just dies at the end

with a stable drop.

#5 is Eric's best equipment for his specialty: High Wind Fast Catch.

This model is very stable and exhibits excellent loss of spin at the end .

with a drop into your lap.

#6 is the planform used by Gregory Bisiaux when he set his Fast Catch

World Record at 15.03 seconds. (clic here to download the video of this record )

It is not known what subtle modificationsGregory made to the airfoils, but the

material was Polypropylene.This was a surprise to Eric as well, because the

intended use for this modification was for an inside doubler.

The outside doubler is an unmodified tri-Fly.

#7 is a Fast Catch made out of ABS. It is almost the same as the Enduro,

except for a narrower chord and a true airfoil with a trailing edge added to speed

it up. Designs 1-6 do not have modified airfoils. Eric says to just leave them blunt.

#8 is called Soft Toss. This is a very easy boomerang to throw.

It is also good for Consecutive Catch, especially for the over hand catch.

This model also has a strong trailing edge.

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